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The Higgins Real Thing CDDREAMERS LIKE US

Release Date: June 8, 2010
Record Label: Open Road Recordings
Producer(s): Paul Shatto with Kathleen Higgins
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  1) Dreamers Like Us   LYRICS

I absolutely LOVE playing this song, live and on my iPod. Kathleen wrote this with Deric Ruttan during a trip to Nashville. As soon as I heard that 'dreamy' eleven note lick with all that wonderful delay start the solo, I knew we couldn't change a thing about it. It's a very literal song and brings me straight back to my parents' house in Delta to clear nights when we used to 'camp out' on the trampoline in sleeping bags. When it was time to be quiet and go to sleep, our mom would flick the back porch light on and off as a signal for us to keep it down. As the title track I think it really encompasses for us all that we do this for. - John
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(Kathleen Higgins, Deric Ruttan)
Laying out on the trampoline
Looking up at a purple sea
Of little diamonds dancing in the sky
You sing a song, you wrote for me
I slip away in the melody
until Mamma turns on and off the back porch light
But I don't wanna go inside

There's something 'bout a full moon looking down on us
Feel like I got wings
Taking me high up out of my backyard, to bigger things
We can do anything, be what we want to
Maybe fall in love
It's a big old world and the night is young enough
For Dreamers Like Us

I love summer sun and tire swings
cracker jacks, your faded jeans
and how your fingers feel locked up in mine
Wide awake in the silver light I look at you, and I feel like
telling you things I've never told anyone else
mmm, you know I can't help myself


We can change the world
small town dreamer


We can change the world
small town dreamer....
(C) Copyright 2009. Marydian Music-SOCAN, Sony ATV/Cross Keys Music-ASCAP

  2) Free Like Love   LYRICS BUY VIDEO

This was one of the only songs on this album that we didn't write... It's basically about all the good things in life being FREE, just like love is! We instantly loved the positive, uplifting feel-good message of this song. It just felt like the obvious first choice, to start off this new record. Our label loved this song too, so we were all on board and it became the first single. We LOVED how the video turned out; it really represented the message and energy in this song. - Eileen
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(Kelly Archer, Casey Koesel, Justin Weaver) * ^
Sunshine on your shoulders
Soft breeze through your hair
smiling at a baby
dreaming like a kid again
dancing a little crazy with nobody looking
They're all,

Free Like Love Free Like Love, Free Like Love
go and get you some, get you some
There's so much, there's so much
There's so much, so spread it around
Free Like Love, Free Like Love, Free like love
and it's more than enough, more than enough

Green grass tickling your bare feet
making you laugh out loud
napping while it's raining
taking the long way home
talking with a good friend
and singing along with the radio
They're all,


It's everywhere, it's everything
It's all we need

(C) Copyright 2009. Purple Cape Music-SOCAN, Major Bob Music-ASCAP, Music of Stage Three/Songs of Cornman-BMI

  3) All Cried Out   LYRICS

This was written with a couple of local buddies Linda McKillip (One More Girl’s mom) and Ron Irving. We all live close enough to each other that it doesn't take a plane ride to get together!... so that's nice. Linda came up with this idea while she was driving to Ron's. I remember her sitting down and saying "All Cried Out.".... "ya know? When you're just All Cried Out!". She really gets into the role of the person in the song and tries anything that comes to mind. Ron is good at making the music work. He's a great guitar player and I always tell him how I'm going to finger pick like him someday. :) - Kathleen
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(Kathleen Higgins, Lynda McKillip, Ron Irving) ^
No tears in my coffee
No waiting for the phone to ring
No more of the same old thing
I must be coming around
I got a good 7 in last night
You were nowhere on my mind
And my pillow well it's bone dry
Guess i'm all cried out

I'm all cried out
Didn't think I would but I'm feeling good now
Got a big smile on my face
Look how you're gone down the drain, you're washed away
Nothing to cry about, cuz I'm all cried out

I'm flying down the freeway
It ain't a boo-hoo Monday
I'm jumping in the fast lane
With the radio way too loud
There's our song sneaking up on me
It ain't as good as it used to be
It's just a lukewarm memory
telling me I'm all cried out


Hey hey look how easy it was
I started biting my nails
and Igained 10 pounds
cried a bucket of tears
and Ithought I would drown
but hey hey, look at me now, baby


Oh go on
no I don't want you anyway
(no I don't)
(C) Copyright 2009. Marydian Music-SOCAN, McKiller Music-SOCAN, Sueco Music-SOCAN

  4) Burn You Back   LYRICS

Yeahhh baby. We went a little crazy on this. Written by myself, Kathleen and Bruce Wallace, it's the story of a girl who's fed up with being jerked around and who's fixing to do some jerking around of her own. When it came time to produce it, Paul had a very clear vision of what he wanted it to sound like. See if you can distinguish the ingredients. There's dobro, banjo, mandolin, guitars, a smorgasbord of ethnic instruments, and about the nastiest fretless bass groove I've ever had the pleasure of laying vocals to. The song ends with this great stomp-clap,stomp-clap-clap pattern. Myself and a few others did this old school, all lined up in the back stairwell of the studio - you can almost hear the wooden stairs and the high ceiling. - John
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(Kathleen Higgins, John Higgins, Bruce Wallace)
It's a cold night but I don't care
I'm a little too hot in this head of mine
Middle of the night, middle of nowhere
just a fingernail moon is the only light

Barefoot on a gravel road
These feet don't feel no pain
I made a fire with the lies you told me
Put it in a bucket and I'm headed your way

You burned me, so bad
lit up the best darn thing you had
up in smoke, so sad
but now it's my turn
Tonight I'm gonna burn you back

I guess mamma never kept you walking that line
Two-timing life is all that you knew
Don't you know that you don't do that
To a backwoods girls with an attitude


Barefoot, gravel road, fingernail moon and I'm heading your way (4x)


You better watch out boy
(C) Copyright 2009. Marydian Music-SOCAN, Road Case Tunes-SOCAN, Roots Three/Ole’ BMI

  5) Carry Me Away   LYRICS

The first song we ever wrote with Steven Lee Olsen was this upbeat tune about someone you just can't get out of your head. It's about the excitement and all the silly things that go along with about the first twelve hours of someone new, the falling part of falling in love. It started with this hooky lick in "D" that I couldn't stop playing, coupled with a vocal that basically followed it. Tons of fun to play. - John
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(Kathleen Higgins, Eileen Higgins, John Higgins, Steven Lee Olsen) ^
I'm gonna get it done, I mean it this time
I'm gonna get you, out of my mind
I'm gonna hide these buterflies, and this silly smile

My phone is ringing, I know it's you
and if I put it up, I'l be back on the moon
Cause when you do what you do to me
you take my everything
and turn it upside down

And carry me away-ay-ay-ay
Fly me so high-igh-igh-igh
Where there's only us and a big blue sky
You're on my mind all the time all day
You carry me away

There's something happening, I've never been here
M y friends are talking, saying I've disappeared
It's like I'm here but I'm really not here
If they only knew, what it feels like when you...


The sound of the clock,
and the tick and the tock,
is driving me crazy, baby

(C) Copyright 2009. Marydian Music-SOCAN, Cherry Bean Music-SOCAN, Road Case Tunes-SOCAN, Roots Three/Ole’-BMI

  6) I Ride Alone LYRICS

So I was sitting in front of the TV in a hotel room when I wrote the first verse. It was my first writing trip down to Nashville alone - I didn't have Eileen or John with me (sniff sniff). Anyway, I was watching GAC, and George Strait came on with his big cowboy hat and his charming 'half smile'. I wondered what it'd be like to sing with George Strait. What kind of song does a cowboy usually sing? Then suddenly I was picturing all the best cowboys, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers... man those guys are so cool. I kind of feel like singers are the modern day cowboys from those western films. They're always moving and they never really plant their feet on the ground. Still, for some reason, they attract people. They fall in love and get their hearts broken like everyone else. Favourite line: "Sun up, Sun down, One more go around." - Kathleen
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(Kathleen Higgins, Kaci Bolls, Josh Rush)
You said, "you're some kind of cowgirl aren't you, chasing the wind
Looking for your own wide open sky that never does end
Maybe you were born to run, too wild to settle down"
It took a while, but baby you found out

I ride alone
I make time in the morning light
Dust trail behind me
No one beside me in the dark of night
The days are long
but I put up a real good fight
And stay in the saddle
it's a battle sometimes
To ride alone

Now hold your horses darlin', don't you need a man
Some one to catch you when your hearts ready to land
But I won't unhitch this dream wagon for you and your picket fence
Ad that's just the way this story ends




Sun up, sun down, one more go around
Sun up, sun down, one more go around
Sun up, sun down, one more go around
Sun up, sun down, one more go around...

(C) Copyright 2009. Marydian Music-SOCAN, Roots Three/Ole’- BMI

  7) Yours   LYRICS

This was written very slowly. It was sort of a release of a whole bunch of different emotions for me. I brought the first verse and chorus to Liz Rose and Pam Rose and told them it was hard to focus the idea. For a while, I couldn't really pin point what it was I wanted to say in the song. Do I miss him? Do I love him? Do I want to just leave us in the past? The process was incredible and the three of us did a lot of digging during the writing of this tune. Every time I sing this, I still feel like I'm ballroom dancing on a tennis court in the moon light. Favourite line: "Sometimes I wish we could run somewhere, where I could be different and you could be different." - Kathleen
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(Kathleen Higgins, Liz Rose, Pam Rose)
It may seem like I've let you go
But I've been holding on just like those dry
Roses in my room
I know you've changed your life around
I have too but only on the outside
Whenever I see you

You smile, and I'm the same
You can see it in my face

I'm your midnight talker, I'm your runway bride
I'm your dream catcher in the middle of the night
And we'll dance forever on a moonlit floor
Just like you remember me
I'll always be

She's so pretty, she's so right
The kind of girl you said you just might want
Down the road
I wish I could say what I'm thinking inside
You know I don't like making small talk
It's just for show

We smile, and say, "take care"
Oh but don't you know me better


Sometimes I wish we could run somewhere
Where I could be different, and you could be different
Beside me, not make believe, in my mind
I still feel like...


Midnight talker, runaway bride (all yours)

Dream catcher, in the middle of the night

... mmm look up in the night

(C) Copyright 2009. Marydian Music-SOCAN, Still Working Music/Orbison Music LLC- SESAC, Papyrus Music-SESAC

  8) Where Does the Time Go   LYRICS

I wrote this with Byron Hill on a sunny afternoon at his place. It was one of those sessions that starts out very vibe-y and chill with a nice cup of tea. I don't know why, but when I write about life as a kid running free or playing with the family, I think of green, nature and trees. We always used to make forts and pick berries and stuff. It really helps to look out the window and see nature while writing these, and Byron’s place has a big window in his writing room so you can look out and see a bunch of trees - perfect.
Favorite line: "Where does the time go? Daddy I wanna know why, it felt like a life time waiting to grow up." - Kathleen
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(Kathleen Higgins, Byron Hill)
Where does the time go?
Daddy, I wanna know why,
it felt like a lifetime waiting to grow up
And why do the leaves change?
Just when you're starting to have fun,
It's too soon to go out on my own

Time goes too easy
And change comes on fast..

Life goes on and on before you know it
you turn around and can't go back again
to where you've been
I feel like where I'm standing now
I've got one foot in and one foot out
And I wanna stay
Just a little bit longer

Where does the time go?
It feels like yesterday
When all i wanted was my own car
And keys to the highway
With nobody in front of me
Now all I want is in my rear view



At 20 something, 30 something's not so far away
At 40 something, 50 something's gonna feel the same


Time goes to easy
And change comes on fast

Where does the time go?

(C) Copyright 2009. Marydian Music (SOCAN)/Byron Hill Music (ASCAP)/Quinnford Music (ASCAP)

Production Notes:

Produced by Paul Shatto with Kathleen Higgins,
  ^ Produced by Paul Shatto, Kathleen Higgins and David Wills,
  - Produced by Richard Sera and Kathleen Higgins.

Mixed by: Paul Shatto, except * mixed by Justin Neibank
Arrangements by: The Higgins
Executive Producer: David Wills
Management: DJ McLachlan, David Wills
Recorded at:
  Vogville Recording, Port Coquitlam, BC
  The Sound Kitchen and The Factory, Vancouver, BC
  Additional tracking in Nashville, TN
Mastered by: Dominic Miata at Airshow Mastering
Photography: Maria Higgins
Design: Alica Phieu


Vocals: Kathleen, Eileen and John Higgins
Drums: Jerry Adolphe, Kyle Radomsky, Steve Brewster, Pete Abbott
Bass: Dennis Marcenko, Brian Newcombe, Allison Prestwood, Michael Rhodes
Acoustic Guitar: Kathleen Higgins, John Higgins, Robbie Steininger, Tom McKillip, IIya Toshinsky
Electric Guitar: John Higgins, Robbie Steininger, Murray Pulver, JT Corenflos, David Corman, John Ellis
Mandolin: Eileen Higgins, John Higgins, Mike Sanyshyn, Joe Spivey
Percussion: Elliot Polsky, Kyle Radomsky, David Wills, Courtney Fera
Hammond B-3: Mike Norman
Keyboard and Piano: Richard Sera
Steel and Dobro: Rusty Danmyer, Robbie Steininger
Accordion: Darryl Havers
Strings ("Yours"): Bob Buckley, Ian Cameron

Band Thanks:

Paul Shatto and David Wills, for your incredible dedication and immeasurable support towards this project... Thank you.  You are two in a million. To DJ McLachlan, for your wisdom and leadership "onward and upward" everyday.  :)
To Ron Kitchener, Carla Palmer, Brianne Deslippe, and everyone at Open Road, for believing in what we do. You are the best!  Thank you Maria Higgins for your creativity and tireless efforts on our website, merchandise, and the many other areas!
To Julien Paquin and Todd Jordan at Paquin Entertainment, for helping us bring our music to audiences from coast to coast.

To Ted Ellis, Michelle Anderson and everyone at CMT Canada! We couldn't do this without you!  
To all the amazing songwriters - thank you - we are so connected to every one of these songs.

To Denny Carr, Deric and Margaret Ruttan, Andrew Stokes, Steven Lee Olsen, Byron Hill, Kyle Radomsky, Dave Corman, Dennis Marcenko, Alecia Ebbels, Mark Maryanovich, Justin Niebank, Patrick Roberge, and Bob D'eith - it has been a privilege working with you.
Thank you to all the incredible musicians who played on this album, for lending your talents to our music.  To Jonathan Fluevog, Paul Airey, Judy Harnett - thank you for giving us the pleasure of recording at your studios. 

To Richard Sera, for inspiring us with your creativity. 
To Stephano Barberis and Alex Galanis from Arkadia! To Jim, MaryAnn and Lisa Hessels, Don Adams, Nicole Hyette, everyone at the BCCMA, Jackie Rae-Greening, the CCMA, SOCAN, Heather Ostertag and FACTOR Canada, and Jerry and Rachel at The Radio Starmaker Fund. A big thank you to our friends at Canadian radio, for playing our music.   

Thank you to all our FANS! Thank you for supporting and buying this record. We do this for you!

To our families - Mom, Dad, Mary, James, Patrick, Margaret, Maria, Blake and Lauren - love you.  

Kathleen, Eileen and John


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